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Sydrian kills me everytime!


"She seemed to be getting more perspective on life.I don’t know what was going on,but she seemed more balanced. Happier"

This moment when Carly Sage talks about Sydney being happier than ever because of Adrian just confirms that my OTP is perfect!

This also proves Adrian also makes her better and happier than anyone can even though it isn’t obvious as it is for Sydney being good for him!

This also speaks for my OTPs!


This is my first ever giveaway, i have wanted to do one for a while so here it is. I myself an am avid reader and i wanna do something to share with all you other readers to.


You Must Be Following Me, This is for my followers, so follow me first, i will be checking and writing you all down to ensure that you are.

Reblog this one time to be entered into the draw. You can click like and reblog whatever amount however only one reblog will count.

It is open worldwide being done through Book Depositary so make sure you can have it shipped to where you are from.

2 winners. Both receiving one paperback book of their choosing. (It doesn’t have to be any from my edit though those books are wonderful ones)

You must have your ask box open, i wont communicate through fanmail. You also must be okay to share with me your address. If you don’t send me your address within 2 days of the closing date and the ask i will send you then i will choose others to win instead.

This will close on September 25th and i will then get in contact with the two that have won.

If this goes well then i will do another one again soon, for others of you to get a chance to win.

If you have any questions you can send me an ask but not on Anon as i wont talk about this to any Anonymous people sorry; i will only reply to things about this privately.

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